Urfi Javed’s face is so swollen that it became difficult for anyone to recognize her!!

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Urfi Javed shared a video on Instagram showing people dumbfounded. People are so stunned that it has become difficult for anyone to recognize the actress. For your information, let us tell you that Urfi’s face is very swollen making it difficult to recognize her right away. Urfi Javed somehow continues to make headlines; she becomes part of the headlines. This time, the actress has caught everyone’s attention not because of her statements, controversy or her clothes, but because of her puffy face. Let us know what really happened to Urfi’s face.

Urfi Javed

As we just told you, Urfi Javed shared a video on her Instagram story where the actress’s face is very swollen. Let’s just tell you that this TV daring beauty herself is also surprised why her face is so puffy. In this video she is sitting with a friend and a third person shoots the video.

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Urfi Javed

Let’s tell you that when you see the actress’s face in this video, it looks like she has an infection or an insect has bitten her face. The massive swelling or bloating has also made it very difficult to identify her in this video. In sharing the video of her puffy face, Urfi herself has written that she doesn’t understand how her face has suddenly become swollen and will soon see a doctor about it.

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