urfi: Urfi Javed’s new outfit: model makes a dress from garbage bags, watch here

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Urfi Javed’s playing with her wardrobe again as in the latest video she’s wearing two different dresses made from garbage bags.

The celebrity shared a video on Instagram that has piqued the interest of followers.

The first dress is an extravagant and strappy rendition with a slick ponytail, while the second is a form-fitting dress styled in the same way.

Urfi said she donned a garbage bag costume at Bigg Boss OTT, where she competed.

Urfi Javed said in her caption to the aforementioned Instagram post that she is confident enough to pull off such a dress for big events like red carpets. She also acknowledged that this outfit was inspired by Instagram influencer Komal Pandey’s garbage bag dress.

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Urfi was recently spotted at a Mumbai eatery wearing a black outfit from one of the world’s most famous designers. The brand’s clothing has been worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and many others. Urfi’s Instagram is filled with photos and videos of her clothing, which are typically described as weird and daring. She also got into trouble after BJP leader Chitra Wagh filed an FIR against her for the outfits she wore on the streets of Mumbai.

When Urfi was asked about allegations against her based on her outfits, she claimed that people should not be involved in her personal life.

Frequently Asked QuestionsQ1. What show did Urfi Javed appear in? Bigg Boss OTT saw the appearance of Urfi Javed.

Q2. What is Urvi Javed famous for? Urfi is a renowned Indian model and fashion artist.

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