Uunchai actor Pranav Sachdev: I was the guy who would do anything for exposure and money | Bollywood

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Pranav Sachdev has been part of the entertainment industry for 15 years and has explored all media – from theater to OTT, but it was last year’s release Uunchai that brought him the long-awaited fame. The actor looks back and tells how, before the film took place, he picked up everything that would come his way.

“I was the guy who used to do anything I was offered, for the fame and the money. There are certain projects that you know won’t work wonders for you or don’t have very valuable stories. But you feel you’re going to make money and that’s why you include it. That has happened to me a lot in the past,” says Sachdev.

However with Uunchai, the actor says he’s gained the confidence to only do the things he really feels like doing. “Half-heartedness does not lead to majesty and that realization came after seeing myself on the big screen and feeling that now is the time for me to take that leap and get choosy about what I do,” he shares.

Though the actor did not play a major role in the film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Neena Gupta and Sarika, he says the industry’s way of looking at him has changed. “The kind of recognition I’ve received from people in the community or from the industry… it’s never been like this before. I’ve done lead roles in 4-5 web shows. But the kind of interest this project has sparked is different. I actually thought that perception is reality. You know how people get excited about big banners and then they feel ki ab isne kuch kar liya. That is what I felt happened in my case after this film,” says Sachdev, who played the role of Kher’s son in the film.

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Despite all the success and appreciation, the uncertainties remained. He says, “Do you get your next project, what would it be, will the role be good enough, will you get enough money, will you last, these vulnerabilities, insecurities and fears actually get bigger as you get older. You see your friends buying their own houses and cars and you’re still trying to find your way. These thoughts worry you. I am 30 years old. But while joking I thought I would be launched as a hero in a big movie by the age of 25 which has not happened and this is causing disharmony. I am very scared.” But it is the love of acting that keeps him going, the actor concludes.

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