Vaibhavi Merchant at Besharam Rang: No one goes to the beach dressed Bollywood

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Choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant addressed the recent controversy surrounding her song Besharam Rang. She said, “Nobody goes to the beach in full clothes.” She also said that since the song is all about “sensuality,” it made sense Shah Rukh Khan to enjoy being ‘shirtless’ on the beach. She talked at length about the beach party song in a YRF video, giving her perspective around the song. (Read also: Honey Singh on controversy Besharam Rang: ‘People have become way too sensitive…’)

Since the release of Besharam Rang, the first official song of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone star Pathaan, the music video has been widely criticized for showing Deepika in a saffron colored bikini. The song has caught the attention of many politicians, who have called it indecent and some of the people have even hinted at a common angle in the costumes of the two prominent actors.

In a video shared by YRF on their YouTube account, Vaibhavi said, “I was very clear that I didn’t want it to look like a typical Hindi movie beach party song. The song is very languid. It’s laid back, it’s that of adaa (movements).It has no ki ab steps daalun iss mai, iss mai bohot saare movements daalun.(It was not about adding steps and movements).Logically, also if the hero met the girl, of course there must be a chemistry , chemistry building. He can’t just land on location and start dancing. This song was about nuances, about adaa, about sensuality and relaxing in your body. That’s why it made sense for even Shah Rukh’s character to wear that shirt off his and walk out. No one goes to the beach fully clothed.

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Besharam Rang features Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone on a beach in Spain. The party song features Deepika in a number of outfits, but what has caught the protesters’ attention is a particular bikini, which they claim is saffron and therefore offends their religious sensibility.

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When Shah Rukh was asked to share his thoughts on Deepika’s character from Pathaan, he said, “You need someone of Deepika’s stature to perform a number sequence like Besharam Rang and then you know, to be able to take action ., where she grabs a man and pulls him over and beats him, she is strong enough to do that too. Such a combination could only have been achieved with someone like Deepika. It’s quite a layered character for an action movie heroine , so say.” The film will be released on January 25, 2023 and will star John Abraham alongside Deepika and Shah Rukh.

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