Video: Fans were surprised to see Siddharth Shukla’s lookalike, said – reminded me of brother

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Siddharth Shukla’s style and his innings in Bigg Boss 13 have created such a place in fans’ hearts that cannot be forgotten. But now his lookalike has caused quite a stir on social media.

New Delhi: The sudden death of Siddharth Shukla after becoming the superstar and Bigg Boss winner of the TV world has brought an unforgettable grief to his fans. Siddharth is gone today, but his fan following hasn’t diminished one iota. Lovers remember Sid. In such a situation, the video of a lookalike of Siddharth Shukla goes viral on social media with the fans remembering their dear and favorite Sid. Let us tell you that the sudden death of Siddharth Shukla due to heart attack in 2021 had pushed millions of his fans and family into the darkness of grief. Sid’s popularity has spread to such an extent among the fans that even after his departure, the fans only talk about him.

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This time, a lookalike of Sid has caught people’s attention by playing on his dialogue. The face of a user named Chandan on Instagram somewhat resembles Sid. Chandan is a big fan of Siddharth Shukla and he keeps paying tribute to Sid through his videos from time to time. Seeing some of Chandan’s videos, it seems like Sid has come forward. In these videos, Chandan can be seen looking like Sid and acting like Sid, which makes people miss their favorite star. In the video, Chandan can be seen speaking silly dialogues just like Sid. Fans get emotional when they see Sid’s passion fitor in Chandan’s eyes.Harnaaz Sandhu wore a special dress on the stage of Miss Universe, Sushmita-Lara’s photo was printed, gave a tribute

A post shared by Chandan Wilfreen (@chandan_53cr)

In another video, Chandan is seen acting exactly like Sid. The voices of Bigg Boss’s house come from behind, in which Chandan talks enthusiastically like Sid. Looking at Chandan’s style, it seems like Sid is right in front of him. After the departure of Siddharth Shukla, the grief of his loved ones continues. On the one hand, Shahnaz Gill looks sad without him and on the other hand, Sid’s mother Rita Shukla has not fully recovered from this accident. In the latest Bigg Boss, people cried after seeing Shahnaz enter the house without Sid. Shahnaz herself cried as she hugged Salman Khan and everyone present felt Sid’s absence. Dil Diyaan Gallaan Cast Salary Per Episode

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