VIDEO: Urfi Javed shocked everyone this time by making a dress from a ‘garbage bag’

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Famous star Urfi Javed’s strange fashion is often in the news. However, Urfi Javed’s fashion started to be discussed with the reality show Bigg Boss 16 in which she wears a new look every day. But one of her looks was also in the news at the time, in which she wore her dress made from a garbage bag. Meanwhile, Urfi Javed has shared her 2 lakh designer outfit on Instagram in which she wears an outfit made from a garbage bag.

Just a few hours ago, Urfi shared a new Insta Reel, in which she can be seen in two different dresses made from black garbage bags. The first outfit has a large version with straps and a ponytail, while the second is a bodycon outfit that looks extremely stylish. Urfi has revealed in the reel that she also wore a dress made from a garbage bag in Bigg Boss OTT where she appeared as a contestant.

“I could literally wear this to a red carpet event, no kidding. Also the original garbage bag outfit I made in Bigg Boss was inspired by @komalpandeyofficial! Keep inspiring,” Urfi wrote along with the reel. People have commented a lot on this reel of Urfi Javed. One person wrote that this is better than any other dress. Another wrote: Excellent creativity. Let us tell you, Urfi Javed’s fashion continues to be in the news every day, which is also discussed among Bollywood stars.

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